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Sabrina Carpenter's Breaking Records
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Sabrina Carpenter’s Breaking Records!

In an unprecedented achievement, pop sensation Sabrina Carpenter has etched her name at the top of the charts and nothing has to do with any video porno. The young artist has become the first female performer ever to occupy both the number one and two spots on the Official Singles Chart for three consecutive weeks. This remarkable feat not only showcases Carpenter’s rising star power but also signals a significant shift in the music industry landscape.

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The Ascendance and Impact of Independent Music Labels

In the evolving music scene, a powerful symphony is playing out – the surge of independent music labels. Once on the periphery, these smaller players are now reshaping the music landscape. This article delves into the melodies of independent labels, exploring their journey, technological influences, and the vibrant ecosystem they’ve cultivated. From countercultural havens to influential global players, independent labels have undergone a fascinating evolution, reflecting wider changes in technology and culture. By tracing their path, we gain insights into…

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Photo of Britney Spears holding an award
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Blonde Ambition: Legendary Musicians Who Rocked the World

In the kaleidoscopic universe of international music, a handful of individuals rise above the rest, their careers marked by not just their golden locks but by an insatiable drive to create, innovate, and captivate, much like actresses do in porno blonde. These are the legendary musicians who have etched their names in the annals of music history, not merely as performers, but as icons who have redefined genres, challenged norms, and left an indelible mark on the world. From the trailblazing Madonna to the genre-spanning Taylor Swift, join us as we journey through the lives and legacies of these legendary musicians who have unapologetically rocked the world with their unparalleled talents and unwavering determination.

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Image of black and white music cassettes, representing a collection of music recordings.
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Resonating Freedom: Unveiling the Empowering Melodies of LGBTQ+ Music

Music possesses an extraordinary power to transcend boundaries, evoke emotions, and forge connections that resonate with our very souls. It serves as a beacon of empowerment, particularly for the LGBTQ+ community, providing solace, representation, and an avenue for authentic self-expression. In this article, we embark on a transformative journey to explore the profound impact of music as an LGBTQ+ empowerment tool. We delve into the ways in which it assists individuals in finding their voices, embracing their identities, and celebrating…

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How music motivates and improves us!

We love music! From Beethoven to Beyoncé, we enjoy listening to everything from classical to country.

But why does music affect us so much?

In fact, it seems that every person has his or her own definition of what makes music special.

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big booty queens
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Music Booty Queens!

The female body has always been viewed as a thing of beauty. It’s not something dirty, but it’s something to be celebrated…no matter what shape or size you are. Today, however, what is considered beautiful is heavily influenced by the media. When people look at magazines, television, and videos, they are given an image that tells them what beauty is supposed to be. For many years, women were considered beautiful by society. But now, thanks to the Hip Hop culture, we’re redefining what beauty is and who is beautiful. We’re showing our appreciation for a Big ass, but, booty, whatever you want to call it.

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How to Become a DJ / Producer

First of all, let’s distinguish between a DJ and a producer. A DJ is someone playing music (usually in a nightclub, but can also be playing at parties or in general) and the producer is someone who makes music. So we’re going to talk about how to become a DJ, as this will help you understand what it takes to actually produce your own tracks. Steps to follow for becoming a DJ/producer: Get the tools and mess around with them:…

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Vinyl Disc
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Record Labels – What Are and How to Contact Them

Definition of Record Labels: A record label is a company responsible for marketing and distributing recordings of musical artists, albums, and singles. The term encompasses traditional record labels that use physical media such as vinyl records and companies using digital distribution to market music online. Releases can be recorded in physical or digital formats. Major Record Labels A major label is one of the highest tiers in the hierarchy of record labels in most countries worldwide; it releases commercialized recordings…

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Best of Intacto 2019

Thank you for supporting our label!As 2019 is coming to a close, we at Intacto like to take a moment to look back at some of this years highlights as we close quality over quantity. Thus, drawing from our talented roster and powerful releases, this dance floor dedicated compilation includes tracks by label heads Shinedoe and 2000 and One amongst S-File and JC Laurent.

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Shinedoe Glaciers Meltdown

Shinedoe brings the heat to Intacto as she causes a “Glaciers Meltdown” with this next release. Through the driving sounds of deep Acid Techno on “Glaciers Meltdown” Shinedoe expresses the urgency of the current catastrophic climate change which causes our sea levels to rise as well as the dancefloor temperatures. In “Just Be True” she reflects on different ways to connect with your true inner self without being distracted by the outside world. One way to reach this state is…

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