Compiled by 2000 and One Intacto Festival Weapons 2017

Back to the source in more ways than one; the ‘Jackin Zone’ is your entry point into this fully-charged techno escapade.

A pounding unrelenting workout that doesn’t so much jack but rather hammers you into a frenzy. It’s followed by ‘Rapture’ where neither tempo nor intensity let up. This time the beats roll like an Axis jam, powerfully laced with uplift thanks to the rising, urgent pads.

Deeper into eye we gaze. We find our heart rate slowing, we find more space and groove around the beats. If we stare hard enough, we find ourselves staring at ‘Lucifer’ himself. Jacking with funk, space and psychedelic charm, it’ll have you dancing with devil in the pale moonlight without even realising.

Finally we reach our destination; ‘The Eye Within’.  Restrained yet epic in both narrative and length, over the course of nine minutes prepare to be steamrolled into loopy, star-bound introspection in the best possible way.

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