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Compiled by 2000 and One Intacto Festival Weapons 2017

Back to the source in more ways than one; the ‘Jackin Zone’ is your entry point into this fully-charged techno escapade. A pounding unrelenting workout that doesn’t so much jack but rather hammers you into a frenzy. It’s followed by ‘Rapture’ where neither tempo nor intensity let up. This time the beats roll like an Axis jam, powerfully laced with uplift thanks to the rising, urgent pads. Deeper into eye we gaze. We find our heart rate slowing, we find more space and…

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Shinedoe – Glaciers Meltdown

Shinedoe brings the heat to Intacto as she causes a “Glaciers Meltdown” with this next release. Through the driving sounds of deep Acid Techno on “Glaciers Meltdown” Shinedoe expresses the urgency of the current catastrophic climate change which causes our sea levels to rise as well as the dancefloor temperatures. In “Just Be True” she reflects on different ways to connect with your true inner self without being distracted by the outside world. One way to reach this state is…

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S-File Deadwalkman remix Close to You

DJ and producer S-File is recognised as one of the proponents of contemporary techno who stays true to his roots by consistently innovating his interpretation of electronic music, integrating art with the scene. As a passionate DJ, S-File inspires his listeners with sounds both reduced and rough, balanced by surprising moments throughout his sets, fusing pure Techno and banging House tracks of the past 30 years. We at Intacto are happy to welcome him on board with 3-tracker Close To…

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‘The Eye Within’ EP by 2000 and One

Look us in eye people. Not between the eye. No below the eye. Look us deep into The Eye Within as 2000 and One returns to his and Shinedoe’s 15 year old techno institution Intacto with a homage to the indelible influences of Detroit and Chicago

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